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Fri May 13 01:08:08 PDT 2011

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Jukka OH6LI

2011/5/13 <scottw3tx at verizon.net>

> Please consider bringing one (or more) of your kids or grandchildren
> (between the ages of 10-25) with you to Dayton this year.  YCTU's  aim is
> to
> get youth excited  and involved in radiosport.
> Youth Contest University is being held concurrent with Contest University
> on
> Thursday May 19th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dayton Ohio (7am to 5pm).
> Tuition for youth is free and includes lunch plus a youth ticket to the
> Contest Dinner on Saturday night.   Those interested in late registration
> can contact me directly at ScottW3TX at Verizon.net
> Presenters, covering a wide range of radiosports,  include Anna W0ANT,
> Katia
> RZ9UMA, Andrea KG4IUM, Mitchell KD8JRS,  Sarah AK2D, Ben AK2X, Mark N5OT,
> Dick WB4USV, and Nathan N9CPO.  Activities will include Safety First!,
> Getting Started in Contesting, Youth DXpedition, Morse Code, Basic Antenna
> Building, How Amateur Radio Helps Your Education and Career,  Pileup,
> Fox-Hunting, and High Speed Telegraphy.
> Note: To keep the youth busy on Friday and Saturday there are independent
> youth forums and activities at HARA.
> Family connections are the VERY BEST way to get the younger crowd involved
> in amateur radio!
> Special thanks to K3LR, N5OT, AK2D, AK2X , N0AH, and N0AX, whom have made
> Youth CTU possible!
> 73, Scott Johns VMD, W3TX

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