[CQ-Contest] Windmill generators

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Sun May 29 21:12:16 PDT 2011

I have no first-hand experience so this is second hand information, 
although I expect these fellows to be a reliable source.

There are "wind farms" in southwest Minnesota. During the MN QSO Party 
some of the mobile stations that pass through these areas report an 
increased noise level as they approach these generators. The noise 
subsides as they continue their journey. This was reported by several 
different mobile stations so I don't expect it is an isolated incident 
with a particular vehicle. I don't recall how strong the interference 
was, although (apparently) strong enough that it was a topic of 
discussion in their messages after the QSO Party.

You might contact Pat, KØPC and/or Bill, ACØW who's routes have taken 
them through this area in previous years. The KCØDMF route also went 
into this area this year. The MnQP is the first full weekend in February 
so there are no summer storms (and static) to contend with.

Another source of first hand information could be Paul, WØAIH. He has 
installed a wind generator on his contest site near Eau Claire, WI. He 
has not mentioned any issue with interference. That said, if there were 
an issue, I suspect he could shut the system down during contest 
weekends if necessary!

Overall, I am experiencing an overall increase in "noise" at my QTH. I 
moved out "into the country" where there was very little development 15 
years ago. But the area has "grown up" (and I have added plenty of noise 
generators in my own house) so the RF pollution has increased with all 
the added activity.

I suspect there will be other fellows who can provide first-hand 
information regarding this topic.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN


On 5/29/2011 1:42 PM, Paul DeWitte wrote:
> I hear that we have coming to our neighborhood a windmill farm. From what it
> looks like 2 of them are going to be less than 3/8 mile from my house.
> Has anyone on here had any experience with these? I am wondering if I will
> hear anything from these in ham frequencies. I will not be very happy if I
> have electrical QRM.
> Thanks for any replies.
> 73 Paul K9OT
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