[CQ-Contest] Windmill generators

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Electrically, the chance for noise is most likely from the lines serving
them, and is about the same as any other line, except they are often
underground, so less of a problem.

At that distance, depending on the prevailing winds in your area, you may
hear acoustic noise.  Also depending on location, at VHF/UHF you may also
encounter some flutter or multipath - which usually affects over the air
HDTV reception the most. 

Look on the bright side, though, since most windmills are 200' or more, you
may be able to put up antennas taller than you already have on the grounds
that they are not as big and ugly as the existing windmills!

73 John N5CQ

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I hear that we have coming to our neighborhood a windmill farm. From what it

looks like 2 of them are going to be less than 3/8 mile from my house.

Has anyone on here had any experience with these? I am wondering if I will 
hear anything from these in ham frequencies. I will not be very happy if I 
have electrical QRM.

Thanks for any replies.

73 Paul K9OT 

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