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Tue Nov 8 08:20:13 PST 2011

On Mon, Nov 07, 2011 at 02:54:38PM -0500, w5ov at w5ov.com wrote:
> people like N5TJ certainly are qualified to selectively do whatever is
> appropriate but I would argue that his default method is to sign his
> callsign more often than not.

Correct - me too - but not every time.  

> "you will find that those on the top of the listing do, in fact, say their
> callsign with VIRTUALLY every qso".


> "To do otherwise ROUTINELY is simply poor operating for those who do not
> have the skills described in N6AA's earlier note on the topic".


Yes, I think that it is bad operating to not sign your call for long
periods.  Usually something more than a minute  or so without signing
is a bad idea - but you can make 4 or 5 contacts without signing
your callsign in 30 seconds. 

The folks that do this correctly, n5tj, n6aa and others, the trick is
to do it in such a way that most people think they sign their callsign
every time.

But they don't sign their call every time - the great ops do it in such
a way that most never notice they are not sending their callsign after
every contact.

This is an advanced operating technique that when used properly can
increase ones short term hourly rate a bit.  But just like several
other advanced operating techniques is often done poorly by some
stations leading to a reduction in rate by all involved.

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