[CQ-Contest] Contest-Free Zones was: Re: Record Number of SAC CW Logs -- Now Grab YourMicrophones!

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Oct 3 08:27:57 PDT 2011

I think "band plans" is just a fancy name for contest-free zones, which 
are anathema to me, and have to question whether it makes any difference 
in a contest where the main complaint seems to be a lack of activity.

73, Pete N4ZR

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On 10/3/2011 9:08 AM, Barry Merrill, W5GN wrote:
> I commend SAC's plan to enforce band plans.
> And I don't want SAC (or any of the "work only this region/country")
> contests to change; there are plenty of other opportunities to have
> your high rates in those work-anyone-contests, by BROADCASTING from
> your powerful station and run, run, run to win.
> These point-to-point contests are for S&P enthusiasts, who
> have as much or more fun than run-able stations, but at
> slower rates, so we enjoy the contest more, and don't
> require the high power and big antennas to score well.
> They somewhat level the ground between the run-able and S&P-oriented
> stations.
> And you don't have to rotate your antennas, either!
> As a primary CW operator, in years gone by, prior to the skimmers,
> I totally enjoyed being the first station to spot those in the
> contest region, from my locality, as a test of my receive ability.
> Now, I can only do that when (rarely) on the other mode, but it's
> still fun to compete in that "sub-contest".
> And now, I can choose to operate with spots to give higher QSO counts
> (and a multiplier when at EI/W5GN) to the in-region competitors
> or I can do the same at a slower rate when I choose to be just
> a boy and his radio, finding the pileups myself and fighting to
> get thru.
> And I totally like serial numbers - that way I can recognize the serious
> competitors in the contest region and go out of my way to work them,
> and can skip those massive pileups for newbies on Sunday with their
> double digit serial numbers (or come back to them later when the spot
> duration has expired and their pileup is gone).
> 73
> Barry W5GN
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