[CQ-Contest] Record Number of SAC CW Logs -- Now Grab YourMicrophones!

Barry Merrill, W5GN w5gn at mxg.com
Mon Oct 3 06:08:16 PDT 2011

I commend SAC's plan to enforce band plans.

And I don't want SAC (or any of the "work only this region/country")
contests to change; there are plenty of other opportunities to have
your high rates in those work-anyone-contests, by BROADCASTING from
your powerful station and run, run, run to win.

These point-to-point contests are for S&P enthusiasts, who 
have as much or more fun than run-able stations, but at 
slower rates, so we enjoy the contest more, and don't
require the high power and big antennas to score well.
They somewhat level the ground between the run-able and S&P-oriented

And you don't have to rotate your antennas, either!

As a primary CW operator, in years gone by, prior to the skimmers, 
I totally enjoyed being the first station to spot those in the 
contest region, from my locality, as a test of my receive ability.
Now, I can only do that when (rarely) on the other mode, but it's
still fun to compete in that "sub-contest".

And now, I can choose to operate with spots to give higher QSO counts
(and a multiplier when at EI/W5GN) to the in-region competitors
or I can do the same at a slower rate when I choose to be just 
a boy and his radio, finding the pileups myself and fighting to
get thru.

And I totally like serial numbers - that way I can recognize the serious
competitors in the contest region and go out of my way to work them,
and can skip those massive pileups for newbies on Sunday with their
double digit serial numbers (or come back to them later when the spot
duration has expired and their pileup is gone).


Barry W5GN  

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