[CQ-Contest] How blatant can you get?

Kostas Stamatis sv1dpi at otenet.gr
Thu Oct 13 21:57:25 PDT 2011

Maybe a start to find some of the bad guys but the most important to scare 
the most of them is how Danny e73m started all this.Remember: he was running 
1.5 kw and someone else started calling cq in his frequency.
So let's put on the rules that Contest director says to some stations start 
calling a station using 5w, 50w, 100, 200w, etc. and take notes on their 
actions. So we find after the contest that we called him with 100w to listen 
us and he submitted his log qrp. Or we used 200w for the qso ad he submitted 
his log as low power. Ofcourse it is not all the truth. But if we know it 
before the contest we 'll think twice to cheat (at least a lot). Just an 

73 Kostas sv1dpi 

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