[CQ-Contest] How blatant can you get?

Collins, Graham CollinG at navcanada.ca
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This has been an interesting discussion.

There seems to be many different impassioned points of view and from someone who operates primarily QRP these discussions of the use of excessive power seems a bit amusing.

Never the less, it is obvious that it is a real concern of many and is not to be made light of. I do sympathize with many of the frustrations being put forth.

As I see it, there are two sides - the legality of running excessive power and the morality.

Legally we are bound by the rules decreed by the governing governmental organization within the country in which we choose to operate. I don't think anyone will disagree. If you use more power than what you are permitted you are breaking the law.

Morally we are bound by the rules decreed by the organizers of the contest in which we choose to operate. If you use more power than what you are permitted then you are not only breaking the law but also the rules of game and hence are a cheat.

There does not seem to be much interest in either the legislative organizations or contest organizers to enforce said laws and rules; or at the least it shows how difficult it is to police this type of infraction.

I wonder how effective it would be if there was a "black list" of known (and documented) cheaters, make it widely available and suggest that during a contest you should not make contact with those operators or stations? Often times shunning the "bully" has the effect of straightening them out or making them go away. This would be a form self policing.

There are those who like to be heard above all others and will do whatever it takes in order to be heard. Such behavior is often times a result of low self esteem or an over inflated ego. It seems that many who cheat also suffer from these same afflictions.

Cheers es 73, Graham ve3gtc

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CC members are not thousands of miles from here, few are here, just 
next country to Bosnia. They know what is going on in their neck of the 
woods. is do they care.

As I can see we do not need local group to address power cheaters, 
problem is global and we as competitors are looking up to CC members to 
make moves.
Again, what to do when some of CC members are cheaters too, how many 
excel sheets, pics and videos we need to present to Contest Committee?

I for one raised my voice and publicly addressed the problem with 
discriminating data about one of the members. Do we really have doubts 
that ES5TV is stacking OM 3500 with vents on the side just like some 
other guys whose pictures of the same can be seen on the web.

As I wrote in my story many of us are guilty by association, knowing 
that their buddies, friends, or fellow club members are running too much 
power but do not want to make "enemies".

I am not afraid of anyone and made my share of "enemies". I want to 
speak truth no matter how much it will cost me. Problem is that nobody 

Statements by CC like:"we can not enforce power limits in any country , 
it is up to their FCC/PTT" is just not acceptable to me. Downplaying the 
power issue with comments like 3Kw is only 3db above rule limit is also 
not acceptable. There are stations who use power limit to drive 

73 Danny E73M

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