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Hi folks
An additional comment:
I think would be not recommendable to stimulate regional groups to act as fiscal for any kind of contest. This could generate unwanted dispute,  behaviors and accusations without sufficient  proves. so useless arguments  that could never  be used by the Committee for the necessary penalties. Frustration  fights and deterioration of friend relationship in contest community  are going to be  the bottom end results. 
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Hi Randy and all

I'm reading the mail on power cheating and would like put some cents on the subject:
- It is very difficult to prove that some station is operating over the limits and how much of excess of power is being used
- In several areas to be controlled  the technology has developed devices to register the measurement of those values - i.e speed tachometer - energy values etc
- It is not difficult to have a power digital controller   with digital registration for a period of 48 hours, forcing the top and record players to have this registration available for the contest  organizers.
- In other side we must recognize that power cheating is one among several ways to enlarge results using not allowed practices - SO with more than one operator - cluster support - multiple local  receiving setup - M/S and M/2 with  additional transmitted signals - Multi location in Multiop category - rubber cheating - log adjustment after contest i etc
- I understand that we should fight with similar strength against all those bad practices
Oms. PY5EG
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