[CQ-Contest] A true POWER story....

Sigurdur Jakobsson siggijak at gmail.com
Sun Oct 16 03:33:00 PDT 2011

Back in the early 80´s, we used to run CQWW in M/S @ TF3IRA. Before one
CQWWSSB, we sat down and made plans on
how to run the contest....... One rather naive idea was agreed upon: NOT to
qso the big eastern block stations that were
also running in M/S. They would need us for the Double Mult, but we could do
without the 1. point, that the Q would give,
thereby excluding them of the TF and Zone 40 mults.

The contest would start, and come saturday morning the band would open into
EU. We got a great pileup going, and then all of a
sudden, after one of our: QRZ TF3IRA, the S meter would jump to 20 over, and
the only thing I heard was fan noise.... Then he dropped his call,
"United Kilo 2 Bravo Bravo Bravo", and the headphones almost fell to the
floor when the S meter got nailed @ 60 over.

We tried to ignore him, saying: "The G3 something 5940". This would go on
for a few Q´s, and finally he grew tired and called:
"United Kilo 2 Bravo Bravo Bravo, I know you can hear me "...... That did
it......He was not going away.....We gave up.....
and made the Q...........

See you all in CQWW.......running no more than legal power.

Siggi TF3CW.

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