[CQ-Contest] How blatant can you get?

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"Igor Sokolov" <ua9cdc at gmail.com> writes:
> Andy,
> Sure I have heard of some operators deliberately making their 
> contest 
> signals wider. I think that should be considered by CC as serious 
> the 
> offence as excessive power or worse.
> 73, Igor UA9CDC
may I quote from CQ, November 1956, article starting on page 44. This is
the most definitive article on contest finals ever written, and the
concepts therein used extensively in the follow up article the author
wrote that was published in the NCJ.  

I Quote.............

"In case of exciter failure, final should still radiate decipherable

4. Neutralization must be accomplished in such a manner that the signal
doesn't become too narrow."
"This specification is based on the observed fact that most CW winners
prefer to have a strong parasitic just outside the low end of the band.
The writer feels that this latter violates the rules of gamesmanship, see
W. Green, "Gamesmanship and the Contest""

"Choosing the tubes"
"Final decision was made when Freddy (HB9MS) arrived with a couple of
dozen 750TLs."

A Photo of my 833a final built following the November article
specifications available upon request.

mike w7dra

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