[CQ-Contest] Multiple antennas

rob beaudoin wa1fcn at charter.net
Sun Oct 23 12:50:08 PDT 2011

Hi guys

Tnx again Chuck w5pr,  Luc py8azt, Tom w8ji and John w1rr/4 for more input of my experiment
of multiple antennas.  It seems manny of us send rig output to multiple antennas at the same time.
One person even used  a triband and 10 mtr monobander.  General idea is to use a stackmatch/
stackbox to help with impedance match.  So now I know what I want for Christmass.
In any case this weekend I will be trying out my A4S and TH5 together.  Hopefully it will cut back on
rotator activity.

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