[CQ-Contest] Does providing assistance place in the assisted category?

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Sun Oct 23 14:51:49 PDT 2011

N7DF asks...
If you provide assistance to another station such as telling him where a multiplier 
is on the band but you do not use any such assistance yourself, do you place 
yourself in the ASSISTED category?

In CQWWDX, Rule 12A, we note that:
Call sign alerting assistance of any kind places the entrant in one of the Single 
Operator Assisted categories.
[end snip]

I do not see anything about directionality (providing versus receiving), so to my simple 
mind, the answer to your question is YES...the "sender" is assisted.

Anyhow, if you know someone is "unassisted," why would you jeopardize their status
by sending them such information?  Maybe in an attempt to sabotage their operation?
Nahhhh...couldn't be.

de Doug KR2Q

Final Disclaimer:  The above comments are MY OWN and should never be construed  as 
being representative of the opinions of any contest committee with which I may be 

Very TIC

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