[CQ-Contest] inhale, spots, skimmer, etc: WHAT'S THE POINT?

kr2q at optimum.net kr2q at optimum.net
Wed Oct 26 09:52:12 PDT 2011


I think many (most?) folks are missing the point here (as I see it), so I'll spell it out.

The RULES could be better crafted.  So far, we have a bunch of mostly Americans
debating about what the Rules may or may not mean, what the Rules may or many not intend, and what the Rules may or may not actually define as currently written.Some guys say that KR2Q fails to understand things and is just nuts for readingthe ARRL rule that way.  Then, WC1M from the ARRL CAC comes out and AGREES with KR2Q on that interpretation of the ARRL Rule, as currently written.  So who is nuts?

BIG POINT: ...What are the non-English speakers supposed to do?  
The point (for me) is NOT to debate what exists now, which is clearly NOT crystal clear.

Sponsors should not have rules that are "subject to individual interpretation," which is CLEARLY what
we have now, at least with respect to Assisted.  If native English speakers (including Americans) can'tfigure it out, what about the rest of the world?BIG POINT: It is not just "assisted" or "skimmer."  Recently, a video was posted of a contestoperation.  It clearly showed one of the ops driving TWO amps on the same QRG and bothamps, with a nice, big LED display, were being driven off the end.  Well, certainly THAT mustbe a violation, right?  I mean, both amps are putting out over 1500 watts, right?  NO!  In exchangedcorrespondence, the "entrants" claim that their interpretation of "1500 watts output" is as measuredAT THE ANTENNA.  They further cite multiple reference sources across various industries that define it that way.  They claim long and lossy feedlines and declare that "at the antennas" (combined) itis actually more like 1000 watts "output."  I can tell you that not one "American*" thought that "output power" meant "at the antenna."  Uponfurther questioning of our contest buddies "over seas" (not these same guys), other say, "Yeah,of course...at the antenna!"   And some say, "No, at the rig."  So just where is the output to bemeasured?  CQWWDX, WPX, ARRL DX, etc...NOBODY defines it.  Gosh, I'd sure liketo measure my output "at the antenna."  That would be a game changer for me!So there is no such as thing as "obvious" or "it clearly means."  This is NOT making contestinginto a "legal document."  Rather, it is something that is simply required so that we are all playingthe same game; so that we are all engaging in FAIR PLAY.de Doug KR2Q* those that reviewed this video and shared their thoughts with me.

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