[CQ-Contest] inhale , spots, skimmer, etc: WHAT'S THE POINT?‏

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If someone else would be doing part of the operating (logging), they would
then be multi-operator.

More than one operator = multi-operator.



> Bob and all
>> Single Operator (that is, one who is operating Without Assistance) must
>> *alone* perform both of the following activities:
>> #1 - locate (tune in) each signal AND
>> #2 - identify each callsign that will be entered into his log.
>> Both #1 and #2 requirements must be met in order to be considered single
>> op.
> You left out that the single operator must also LOG his own contact.  If
> he is using a program, that will be done automatically, but the operator
> cannot have assistance of someone who fills out a log of any type for him.
> Scott
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