[CQ-Contest] inhale , spots, skimmer, etc: WHAT'S THE POINT?‏

Scott Monks scottmonks at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 28 10:01:31 PDT 2011

Bob and all

> If someone else would be doing part of the operating (logging), they would
> then be multi-operator.
> >> Single Operator (that is, one who is operating Without Assistance) must
> >> *alone* perform both of the following activities:
> >> #1 - locate (tune in) each signal AND
> >> #2 - identify each callsign that will be entered into his log.
> > You left out that the single operator must also LOG his own contact.  If
> > he is using a program, that will be done automatically, but the operator
> > cannot have assistance of someone who fills out a log of any type for him.

     As someone else mentioned and as I wrote in a different post--its not really that cut and dried because the are literally HUNDREDS of things that are not mentioned specifically in the rules.  My point, and that of several others, is that it does no good here to argue over specific details because the real problem is the ethics and morals of the persons involved.  These concepts are extremely variable and not concrete, so there is no concrete answer.  The only concrete part is the literal words of the rules--the interpretation and application is always "bendable".  And, as someone else mentioned, that is how life is!  
     For my part, I enter contests to have fun because I am content with the realization that I will never have the big bucks to buy the super-station that would permit me to be number one---and if you are not number one then you are just one of the "pack" (nothing wrong with that!) so you must have a different perspective on why you are in the contest.  I am there to have a good time and contact some hams that I might not normally hear, and that is a lot of fun and worth the effort, so that means that if someone bends some rule, or even breaks it, that has no effect on my "fun".  I am not a ham policeman!!

73s and I hope all this doesn't detract from the rest of you having fun--which is what the HOBBY is for!

Scott  AA0AA

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