[CQ-Contest] New CQ WW DX Rule Bans Post-Contest Log Changes

LY8O ly8o at ot.lt
Wed Aug 1 11:57:30 PDT 2012

Hello ALL,

Because I can not believe I will be not able to use my own audio recordings after the contest (what I am doing very rare and just for the really questionable moments which are very few) I take a look to the http://www.cqww.com/rules.php and has found something different from Phillip was wrote.
Here is a part of the text:
"<snip> post-contest modification of a log by using data sources to correct call sign/exchange errors and "rubber clocking" by the entrant." (chapter XIII, part C, nr. 3).
There is nothing about usage of the own audio records... All other text is 100% acceptable for me as well as a new log sending period of 5 days (7 could be easier to remember for the human IMHO :) ).
Will look forward for more clear explanations from CC.

73, Remi LY8O

ZL2TZE wrote:
New CQ WW DX Rule Bans Post-Contest Log Changes 
Posted on Radio-sport.net 
Along with instituting a new five day log submission deadline, the CQ WW 
Contest Committee has included a specific rule change for the 2012 CQ WW DX 
Contests that seeks to crack down on post contest log changes. "Post-contest 
correcting of call signs by using any database, recordings or confirming QSO's 
is not allowed."

73 Phillip

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