[CQ-Contest] 10-10 Contest this weekend - bands are open!

Allen Brier N5XZ n5xz at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 3 08:23:13 PDT 2012

Don't forget about the 10-10 contest this weekend, typical times for a 48 hour contest. Band conditions have improved a bit on ten meters from a few days ago (actual openings) so maybe there will be some contacts to be made anyway.

The 10-10 contest is a relatively low key contest, compared to most others, but still alot of fun and and great way to introduce newbies to contesting. Rules can be found at http://www.ten-ten.org/Forms/QSO%20Party%20Rules.pdf. 

Even if you do not have a 10-10 number, you are welcome to participate in the contest and still worth points. Please help promote activity on 10 meters by joining us in the contest. (At least, point your beams to the Houston, TX area and give me some contacts!)

73, Allen N5XZ #4530

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