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Fri Aug 3 08:51:43 PDT 2012

Hi !!

.....Not only with 2 stations running at same time without interlock......

It is very interesting  to ckeck RBN files on the web
http://www.reversebeacon.net/raw_data/#201207 (sunday 15/07/2012)  to see
how one M/S station worked with 3 signals at same time on 2 different

*4.2. Multi Operator, Single Transmitter, Mixed Mode only*

*          4.2.1. Must remain on a band and mode for at least 10 minutes
before changing bands or modes.*

*          4.2.2. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any given time.*

* You are not allowed a second radio that works only

*          4.2.3. All operators must observe the amateur radio regulations
of their country at all times.*
*           4.2.4. Violation of the band change rules will reclassify the
entry as a check-log.*


2012/7/18 Tree <tree at kkn.net>

> Hello fellow contesters.
> Let me preface this message by first saying that I believe 99.9 percent of
> contesters play by the rules.  This message talks about the 0.01 percent
> who don't.  Also - let me say that this message is a personal message from
> me - and does not in anyway represent an offical communication from any of
> the organizations I do log checking for (ARRL and CQ and the Boring ARC).
> During the recent IARU Radiosport contest - I was operating from 9V1YC in a
> multi-single.  This is the first time I have operated this contest in this
> category - and to be frank - I didn't really know the rules.  Having read
> them - I find that transmitting with two signals at the same time is not
> allowed.  Here is what the rule says:
>   4.2. Multi Operator, Single Transmitter, Mixed Mode only
>               4.2.1. Must remain on a band and mode for at least 10 minutes
> before changing bands or modes.
>               4.2.2. Only one transmitted signal is allowed at any given
> time.
> I think this is pretty clear.  This really seems to limit the operation to
> that of a single radio - with people taking turns using it.
> However, I am sure some stations will push the envelope here and have a
> second station which is operating on the same band/mode as the "run"
> radio.  In order to prevent only one transmitted signal at a time -
> interlocks would have to be used.  This would be fine and would be a
> competitive advantage wihtout breaking the rules.  They would only have one
> signal transmitted at any given time.
> Well - during the IARU contest - our station observed one very well known
> multi-single station who was not using an interlock and had two independant
> stations running people on each end of the band.  We listened in stereo and
> there was no interlock present.  Two signals were present very often at the
> same time.
> In truth - it appears that the top multi-single stations in the IARU pretty
> much routinely ignore the one signal requirement.  They seem to think
> that "if you can get away with it - then it is okay".
> I feel this attitude really stinks.  It is just like running high power and
> claiming lower power in a contest.  It is CHEATING and it is not the way
> the 99.9 percent of us want the game to be played.
> I really hope the people who are responsible for these operations will
> offer to submit their log as a check log and not pollute their scores with
> those played by the wrong rules.  Their reputations will be forever
> tarnished if they continue to associate themselves with operations that
> break the rules.
> Also - I invite the 99.9 percent of use who play by the rules to keep an
> ear out for this type of blantant cheating - and let the contest sponsors
> know when they observe it.  A stereo tape recording would be a simple way
> to document the behavior.  Hopefully, we can stamp this out and get it out
> of the results.
> Thanks for letting me vent.
> 73 Tree N6TR
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