[CQ-Contest] DC and NAQP

Eric Rosenberg ericrosenberg.dc at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 04:27:12 PDT 2012


I think you've missed the point in this discussion.

No one is asking that DC be called or considered to be a state. We aren't.

All we are asking is that in contests where the multiplier is 
state-based and not ARRL section based,  the District of Columbia be 
called and considered a multiplier equivalent to a state, US- or non-US 
governed  DX entity (e.g., Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, both of 
which send delegates to the Congress).

Call it a 50 +1 contest.

To those who say it will invalidate past records and scores, all I can 
say is that the Roger Maris asterisk argument has been proven to be 
silly and otherwise meaningless.  It doesn't seem to have impacted the 
contests that have added DC as a mult. ARRL 10, RTTY Roundup and DX, and 
CQ 160.

My question to you and those who oppose this rule change"

Why are you against it? Isn't the lure of another mult to chase of 
interest as it is for the new VE and XE additions?

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC

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