[CQ-Contest] 'Bunching' (Was WRTC Category Weighting Factor)

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But the overall WRTC competition is so big that you can find areas with only 7% 
ifference between place #1 and place #10 fighting to get those few team leader 

Interesting point from Hrle.  The WRTC competition is itself designed so as to ensure an even as possible playing field.  This is what happens when you do that, so in consideration of a slightly OT, but nevertheless frequent, topic, next time you are pleading for the like in 'your' favourite contest, consider how you might feel placing say 20th overall, having achieved 80% of the category leaders score!  I know that in 2010 there might have been some 'un-levelling', but look at Slovenia 2000 for a better example.

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