[CQ-Contest] Split operation in CQ WW CW

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Sun Aug 26 19:15:22 EDT 2012

In my not so humble opinion, using two frequencies on the same band during a contest is inconsiderate at best.

On Aug 26, 2012, at 6:40 AM, "Chris Tran GM3WOJ" <gm3woj at christran.net> wrote:

> Hello all
> In the CQ WW CW 2011 results, Bob K3EST says 'split operation in a major
> contest should not happen'.
> I absolutely agree if the big Single-ops or Multi-ops decide to go split
> just to increase their rates, but for the small contest DXpedition with
> limited antennas and power, it means that it
> becomes *impossible* to work stations on certain bands - the pile-up cannot
> hear you properly and just calls continuously.
>> From my experience of being a rare mult at GZ7V in 2010 and ZK2V last year,
> I could not work anything on 80m or 40m, 20m was tough, and only 15m and
> 10m were really useable - once the pile-up builds on e.g. 40m your rate
> drops to zero after only a few minutes. I went 'up 1' on 10m for a while
> which made life easier for everyone. Split was not viable on 40m or 20m.
> If split operation is not allowed, it should say so in the rules ?
> 73
> Chris
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