[CQ-Contest] Whata contesting "fun" nowadays

k3bu at optimum.net k3bu at optimum.net
Mon Aug 27 20:40:33 EDT 2012

Lemme see where we are going with latest in contesting:

Split operating:

Few chosen from them rare multiplying places, get spotted, Click, click, zero beat, never ending pileup. Nobody works nobody, but want to be the loudest and last in pileup. Possibility for new, "modified" (messed up) call.

Solution? Young (wo)man go split. 100, 2000, 5000 whatever - up (or down). Spread'em out. All over the other suckers, screw'em, they are competition anyway, little QRM will keep them notch down. 

With proliferation of skimmers, ass-isted operations, things are getting worse. We are getting situations where splitters obliterate someone else's frequency with bedlam of QSX callers - operating on multiple frequencies.

Outside of contests split operation can be tolerated, but in wall-to-wall contest situation IMHO one should stick to single frequency operation and not to rude splitting over someone else.


I was disgusted while operating from TF4X on 160. Some splitters sending their callers on my simplex frequency, leaving me helpless, no chance to defend, not knowing where the "wizard" is. Band is narrow.
Then you get "invaders" that simply move on the top of you, trying to hijack the frequency, knowing well that frequency is used. For a while no one makes contacts. 

Unsportsmanlike conduct. Maybe time to clamp on it. SDR recordings can verify black sheep in the contests. 

I treasure old days of boy, station he built, operated without "ass-istance", even using paper logs and dupe sheets. 

See ya'll from some remoted mutliplier!

73 Yuri, K3BU.us

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