[CQ-Contest] Whata contesting "fun" nowadays

Steef steefpa3s at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 02:17:14 EDT 2012

The vast majorities of intrans in the CQWW are UNASS-isted.

This means that all of those people are NOT using any help what so ever.

Thus no DX cluster, RBN, Skimmer, … , …

Ore even some one to make you coffee, a sandwich, ore what ever.

Therefore it is not likely that all of those people are calling the DX at
the same time zero beat.

Ore is it?

I say, cut the BS, and the UNASS-isted category.

Whit the exception of someone who really has no internet, en therefore asks
for special permission in advance.

Just my 2 euros, and have fun with the HOBBY!


Steef PA3S


2012/8/28 <k3bu at optimum.net>

> Lemme see where we are going with latest in contesting:
> Split operating:
> Few chosen from them rare multiplying places, get spotted, Click, click,
> zero beat, never ending pileup. Nobody works nobody, but want to be the
> loudest and last in pileup. Possibility for new, "modified" (messed up)
> call.
> Solution? Young (wo)man go split. 100, 2000, 5000 whatever - up (or down).
> Spread'em out. All over the other suckers, screw'em, they are competition
> anyway, little QRM will keep them notch down.
> With proliferation of skimmers, ass-isted operations, things are getting
> worse. We are getting situations where splitters obliterate someone else's
> frequency with bedlam of QSX callers - operating on multiple frequencies.
> Outside of contests split operation can be tolerated, but in wall-to-wall
> contest situation IMHO one should stick to single frequency operation and
> not to rude splitting over someone else.
> Hijacking:
> I was disgusted while operating from TF4X on 160. Some splitters sending
> their callers on my simplex frequency, leaving me helpless, no chance to
> defend, not knowing where the "wizard" is. Band is narrow.
> Then you get "invaders" that simply move on the top of you, trying to
> hijack the frequency, knowing well that frequency is used. For a while no
> one makes contacts.
> Unsportsmanlike conduct. Maybe time to clamp on it. SDR recordings can
> verify black sheep in the contests.
> I treasure old days of boy, station he built, operated without
> "ass-istance", even using paper logs and dupe sheets.
> See ya'll from some remoted mutliplier!
> 73 Yuri, K3BU.us
> MVmanor.com
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