[CQ-Contest] 3830 & Yahoo Mail.

brian coyne g4odv at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 3 09:12:21 EST 2012

After CW CQWW contest I had to go away for a few days. On my return the were some 1300 mails in my Yahoo mailbox and a few in my Spam box. I should have unsubscribed.
I deleted the majority and a day later I had mail from Dave Pascoe, KM3T who is one of the Admin staff for Contesting.com, enquiring why I had been marking the 3830 post as as 'Spam' On enquiry it seemed that there was about a dozen involved.
Over the years Yahoo have been diverting the odd 3830 post into the Spam box, I read and delete them thinking nothing of it. Obviously the ones Dave referred to had been in the spam box. Since Dave's mail the 3830 posts in my Spam box has rocketed to 60/70 each day and this morning after the busy contest weekend I have more than 450 in there which is ridiculous.
I know nothing about how Yahoo works with regard to Spam. I am pretty sure that I did not mark any of my Inbox mail as Spam although cannot rule it out. I may have done for one page. Dave tells me they are having great problems with Yahoo due to this issue because of the vast number of subscribers to the Contesting.com.
The only solution, if it is a solution, I can think of is to mark all mail from lists we subscribe to, whether or not we intend to read them, is to mark and move them into the Inbox before doing any deletions, do NOT delete them in the Spam box!  I am doing that now even though it seems it is too late for me.
Is there anything I can do by contact with Yahoo to rectify this issue? The Admin guys at the List have more than enough to handle without all the aggravation they are getting from Yahoo and also AOL I understand. All suggestions welcomed.
Brian C4Z / 5B4AIZ.

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