[CQ-Contest] Running the pile

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Mon Dec 3 19:45:06 EST 2012

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 9:48 AM, Scott Robbins <w4pa at yahoo.com> wrote:

> >Just returned from West Africa Toivo.Your approach works there as well.
> The
> >only difference was, I had to ID every 6 or 7 QSO when pileup was really
> >heavy.There are other methods of pileup management such as turning output
> >power down, increase CW speed and split as the last resort. But most
> >important the operator should be able to sustain rate of 200 +  QSO per
> >hour. If DX op is slow it irritates everybody and attracts CL? much too
> >often.
> >73, Igor UA9CDC
> Also on pileup management - turn the IF SHIFT or PBT control on your rig
> on top of the pile way off to the side of the BW filter.  Once you have an
> effective filter BW of something close to zero you'll hear one or two
> stations at a time even if the pileup is at blizzard level and don't have
> to resort to the RIT.  I've employed this many times, including last
> weekend's CQ WW CW @PJ4D.
> 73
> Scott Robbins
> W4PA
> Agree Scott.   During WW, essentially did the same thing... plus I added a
very narrow APF filter on the FT1K Mark 5 I was using.  Effective bandwidth
was very narrow.. Say, 200Hz or so.  Even when the pile is big, I just rock
the PBT a bit to find guys.   Still, only one problem w/packet: the
frequency is set automatically.  There is still no solution for zero-beat
callers of the same signal strength.

 73, Gerry W1VE

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