[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry vs the Mayans Notice #4

Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Tue Dec 18 00:24:56 EST 2012

Radio Professionals, Radio Amateurs and Radio Doofuses,
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club has recently learned, from impeccable
sources, that the
world will not be ending Dec. 21, 2012 as some Mayan calendar enthusiasts
have suggested.
This means that The Stew Perry TopBand Distance Challenge will happen for
the 17th consecutive
time Dec. 29/30, 2012 as scheduled.  This is a unique contest held on 160M
utilizing CW, wit and wire
whose rules live on at:         www.kkn.net/stew
     Drive your browser there and appreciate the difference from standard
issue contests. Then set aside
the time to come out and play in the static with a few thousand of your
closest friends. Some of the
160M friends have decided to sponsor plaques celebrating certain operating
categories. These people
have a fine appreciation for this contest and are stimulating the
contesting juices by sponsoring these
wooden works of art.  You can join this illustrious group by contacting me
at the email address below
with your non-prurient category. The cost is $60 for an immortal plaque.
Below are listed the Stalwarts:

KL7RA                             Top # of QSOs
North Pole Contest Group  TBD
W2GD Team                     Top # of NA+SA QSOs by EU station
AA6VB                             Top Score base loaded vertical <60' tall
AA6VB                             Top Score Big City (>50K pop), Little
         pistol (<100W)
K7CA                                Top Score Southern Hemisphere
K7CA                                Top Score JA
TF4M                                 Longest QSO-Hi Power (both ends get a
TF4M                                 Top Score 160 mobile (must be truly
       mobile, not portable)
W7RH                                Top Score S/O Low Power Zone 3
K7FL                                  Top Score 100% Search & Pounce
N5IA                                   Top # of Grids worked
K6ND                                  Top Score World- K6SE Memorial
NA0Y                                 Top Score USA
KR2Q                                 Golden Log- Top # of Qs without a bust
KH6LC                                VK-ZL Challenge- Top Score VK/ZL
KE3X                                 *** Please see below***
WX7G                                Top Score utilizing lamest antenna. 50
             QSO minimum
EI4HQ                               You might be Irish and not know it-
     "Top # of calls in log with letters E & I side by side
TF3KX                               Aurora Borealis Award- "Top score N of
       60deg N geomagnetic latitude"
N0TT                                 Top Score <21 years & > 200 QSOs
N2KW                               "Speed Demon" Highest 1 hour rate
without a bust
W1FMR & K9JWV              Top number of contacts by a QRP Station
N4NW                               Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial-
 Top Score
     by K-12 Educator or Staff *****
VK6VZ                               N. Hemisphere station that works the
most S. Hemisphere stations- (Winner gets Flying Docs of VK hat)
         ***- KE3X conditions- Best effort from a city lot with all Tx and
Rx located within 200'
of Transmitter. Long Bevs excluded. Top Score using single element Tx
antenna in a "L" or "T" configuration which is < 70' vertically

     *****N4NW- Operator must be an employee or full time volunteer in a
public or
private accredited school for the purpose of educating K- 12th grade.
Proof necessary.

     It is not too late to think up a stunning category for The Stew Perry
TopBand Distance Challenge
and submit it.  Don't dally. Don't delay.  The 160M radio combatants are
eagerly perusing the list in
an effort to decide which category to apply their efforts toward.
     It is also not to late to amend your 160M antennas or radio sets. It
is probably getting a little late
to learn CW for this contest but you won't know until you try, right?
     The web site also has an up to date plaque list also showing who has
achieved payment for the plaques.
        There will be further Bulletins before the starting bell.
       73 and I remain,
      Lew     W7EW
      The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Mayan Affairs
w7ew at arrl.net

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