[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry Contest- Dec 29/30 Notice #5

Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Wed Dec 26 23:36:27 EST 2012

Yo Top Banders, Contesters, DXers, and lesser lights,
    (Back by popular demand)

I've heard it firsthand, that up on Top Band, the propagation can be rather
But here comes a test that's above all the rest, and is best known as The
Stew Perry.
Conditions can be bad but the Q's can be had, if the Op really knows of the
by twiddling the knobs to filter the slobs who insist on running
transmitters with clicks!
The band can be tough with operators quite rough who will search each
frequency and cranny,
The winners who care to sit up all night there, and keep their perch under
their fanny.
The Stew scoring rules now challenge the fools who keep unfair judging
you'll make a long Q which makes more points for you than the old country
multiplier jive.
You'll have 14 hours to test out your powers of sending and getting mayhem.
You may shriek, you may swear but the signals with care you'll pull right
out of the din.
This time of the year, with Christmas so near makes operating time a prized
So make things good deeded to get the time needed to compete for The Stew's
wooden bling.
The donors below are the Stalwarts we know who typify real radio lore.
They make a donation for a plaque-type creation that'll drop your jaw right
to the floor.
So I've written this tome, I wouldn't call it a poem, to attract your care
and attention.
to invite you to play, in a nocturnal way, in the 17th Stew Perry
     Dr Big Gun
( call withheld, with apologies to Robt. Service )

    You want to see the rules?  Want to see other cool stuff? Go to
  http:// <http://jzap.com/k7rat/stew.html>www.kkn.net/stew
and check them out.

Call                                              Category
KL7RA-          Top Number of QSOs
North Pole Contest Group- Some Stupendous Achievement as Judged by Club
W2GD Team-  Top # of NA+SA QSOs by EU Station
AA6VB-         Top Score Base Loaded Vertical < 60' tall
AA6VB-         Top Score Big City(>50K), Little Pistol(<100W)
K7CA-            Top Score Southern Hemisphere
K7CA-            Top Score JA
TF4M-            Longest QSO Hi Power- Both Ends gets plaques
TF4M-            Top Score Mobile( Must be truly mobile-not just portable)
W7RH-           Top Score S/O, Low Power, Zone 3
K7FL-             Top Score 100% Search and Pounce
N5IA-              Top # of Grids worked
K6ND-            K6SE Memorial- Top Score World
NA0Y-            Top Score USA
KR2Q-            Golden Log-Top # of Qs without a bust
KH6LC-          VK/ZL Challenge Top Score VK/ZL
WX7G            Top Score Utilizing Lamest Antenna, 50 Qs minimum
EI4HQ-           You might be Irish and not know it--Top # of calls in log
with E and I
                      side by side
TF3KX-            Aurora Borealis Award--Top Score N of 60 deg N
geomagnetic latitude
N0TT-             Top Score < 21 Y/O, > 200 Qs, USA
N2KW-           Speed Demon--Highest rate over 1 hour without a bust
W1FMR & K9JWV-  Top # of contacts by QRP Station
W0RI-             Top # of QSOs by Op > 70 years young
K1EP-           JZAP Memorial- Top Score by Station in NY or CA (W6)
K1DG-           Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Award--Highest Score from a
grid ending
                      in 42
N4NW-          Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial--Top Score by
Educator, Staff,
                     or Full time Volunteer for K-12 Grade. Verification
KE3X-           Top Score from a city lot with all Tx and Rx located within
200' of transmitter.
                    Long Beverages Excluded. Top Score using single element
Tx antenna in
                    "L" or "T" configuration which is < 70' vertically
VK6VZ-         N. Hemisphere station that works the most S. Hemisphere
stations. Winner
                    receives coveted Flying Doctors of Australia cap rather
than plaque.

      The Boring Amateur Radio Club thanks these donors. To check and see
if you've
forgotten to send in payment just go to the web site. If you would like to
join the above mentioned Giants of Contesting don't dawdle.  Let me know of
 intentions directly as the contest is 3 days away and there will be 1 more
posting of
the available plaques for the combatants to contest toward before the
starting bell..
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club reminds the entrants that we are good
but can not
read your minds as to what plaques you think you have the best chance of
 So please inform us in your comments of your intentions.
    You have 48-72 hours to improve your TopBand Station and/or the
Operator. You
have been notified. Go polish your Beverage or connect your radial field to
your septic
field or something productive such as that. Also please thank, in some way,
the donor
whose plaque you won last year if you haven't already.
    73 and I remain,
   Lew   W7EW
   The Boring Amateur Radio Club Scribe
   w7ew at arrl.net

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