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Pete Smith N4ZR n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Jul 10 08:27:07 PDT 2012

A more pointed question should be asked of the IARU and ARRL - why do 
some contests continue to ignore the existence of Single-Op-Assisted as 
a valid category, and (with a pejorative connotation) "reclassify" them 
as multi-single?

The IARU ban on decoders refers only to multi-channel decoders.  I think 
4.1.3 is pretty clear - don't use the RBN unless you wish to become 
multi-single.  RBN spots are distributed by the same Telnet means 
employed by the traditional DX Clusters, and in fact are increasingly 
being offered as an option on those clusters.  Thanks to VE7CC and AB5K 
for enhancing their cluster software to allow the Skimmer/RBN option.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 7/10/2012 3:55 AM, Jukka Klemola wrote:
> Regarding RBN, I thought there is a no-statement on internet.
> Anyway, for a single op, decoding assistance is not allowed.
> That may be human or technical of origin .. the idea is the operator
> does all signal finding, decoding and interpreting alone .. as a
> single operator.
> 73,
> Jukka OH6LI
> 2012/7/10 brian coyne <g4odv at yahoo.co.uk>:
>> Here is the rule dealing with 'Assistance'.....
>> .....    4.1.3. Use of spotting nets, packet, or multi-channel decoders (such as CW Skimmer) is not permitted. Single-operator stations that use spotting nets, packet or multi-channel decoders will be reclassified to the Multi-operator, Single Transmitter category.
>> For the sake of clarity, as 'RBN' is not specihically mentioned, can it be confirmed that use of RBN is assistance and that it's use places ops in the Multi op category,
>> Rule 6.4 does mention use of the internet.....
>>       6.4. The use of non-amateur radio means of communications (e.g. telephone or the Internet) for the purpose of soliciting a contact (or contacts) during the contest period is inconsistent with the spirit and intent of these rules.
>> It does seem to me though that because Skimmer is mentioned many guys take the view that if  an  'aid' is not mentioned as excluded then it is ok.
>> 73  Brian 5B4AIZ /C4Z.
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