[CQ-Contest] Cheating

Peter Chamalian w1rm at arrl.net
Thu Jul 19 03:04:13 PDT 2012

Perhaps it's time for the various contest committees to review their
disqualification criteria and actions to up the penalty for certain flagrant
violations to not only DQ the log but disqualify those involved for some
period of time.

I know punishment does not deter bad behavior but it might free the rest of
us from the bad actions of them for a period of time.

Pete, W1RM

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I understand the political correctness of that statement, but I guarantee
that it isn't accurate.  I've written on this subject at length before, but
the reality is that WAY more of us will cheat under the right circumstances:

a.  we perceive that a rule is unwarranted or unfair

b.  we perceive that cheating is a way to correct some imbalance in

c.  we perceive that many others are cheating and that we are at a
disadvantage if we don't

c.  we don't think we will get caught because of poor visibility or

d.  the stakes are high enough to warrant the risk of getting caught

e.  we consider it a challenge to cheat without getting caught

I didn't make those things up.  They're all discussed in various
sociological studies on the behavior of cheating that can be found with a
little internet searching, and all of the factors can be found in ham radio
contesting.  If anyone thinks that giving in to one or more of those factors
is limited to 0.1 percent of our ranks, consider what percentage of people
fudge on their tax returns, go through a stop sign if nobody is around, have
affairs  .... or even loot stores in a disaster.  Cheating in one form or
another isn't an aberration in humans ... it's closer to being the norm.

Dave   AB7E

On 7/17/2012 10:35 PM, Tree wrote:
> Hello fellow contesters.
> Let me preface this message by first saying that I believe 99.9 
> percent of contesters play by the rules.  This message talks about the 
> 0.01 percent who don't.

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