[CQ-Contest] CHEATERS - ala N6TJ

Marijan Miletic, S56A s56a at bit.si
Sun Jul 22 03:17:06 PDT 2012

Luc, PW7T wrote: I would hate even more be the first one by an injustice.


Jim, N6TJ wrote: Last week, I was fortunate to have dinner in Washington,
D.C. with my friend of many years, and contests, Scott Redd, K0DQ.


I celebrate 50 years of hamradio and listening to K0DQ operation from XE
with over 10K WVE QSO was memorable early event.  I followed his
distinguished professional career all the way to recent Battleship New
Hampshire J  There were two more outstanding persons at that time: Gus,
W4BPD and Don, W9WNV.  Gus made my life difficult with first portable QSO
VQ9A/7.  Even 4X4 was easier.  CA Don was amazing operator answering 5 calls
at once.  Unfortunately he asked $$$ for QSL which saved me from chasing
DXCC ever since.  He went QRT for a long time.  


There were also stories about Californian kilowatt but now we hear about
Croatian Henry 8K.  I guess 3CX3000 are only used in Louisiana?


I hope hamradio would not be further governed by people with military
background.  Moral distortions mentioned by Jim occur frequently in Eastern
Europe as hams with  police/military connections had access to powerful
government radio equipment and antennas.   Unfortunately that continues in
transitional democracy as the rule of law is weak.  Truth is not valued here
and even hams are victims from false denunciations from communists turned


In my previous post which didn't appear in the public forum I tried to
emphasize the cultural differences between majority USA ops and the rest of
the world.  I was amazed at OH WRTC-2002 open forum discussions about the
rules and possible cheats.  I could never imagined some!  


So please refrain from "war on cheaters" amongst top 1 % as collateral
damage to 99 % of us would be too high.




P.S.  SRI abt Aurora, CO.

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