[CQ-Contest] Fox FOXHUNT Thurs evening

Dale Putnam daleputnam at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 25 06:16:15 PDT 2012

Dave - N1IX and I will be your FOXii for the Hunt Thursday evening 7pm MT, or Friday morning, at 0100z .We will be between 14.050 and 14.070 for the fun-est 90 minutes in radio. (No.. I didn't flunk English, it's called author's privilege.)Come and grab a pelt (Qso) with fox and enjoy testing the prop princess.. and her moodiness.We exhange RST-State-Name-Pwr  (5 watts or less).  I'm thinking about using a 9v transistor battery with 5 watts out, to any of the antennas, including 3 - 360 foot doublets at 50 foot, a vertical on a 1:12 pitch roof, or a 100ft edz at 40 ft.a switch allows quick selection to maximize the effect of whoopin' up on the prop princess. (yeah, I know.. another A.P) So.. let's all gather round, have a blast, and swap tails of the chase.. or would that be... the tale of the chase...... ??? Good Luck to all and to each a fresh plucked pelt. check the rules out at http://www.qrpfoxhunt.org Have a great day, 

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Dale - WC7S in Wy 		 	   		  

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