[CQ-Contest] CQ contest submission deadline getting

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Wed Jul 25 11:01:39 PDT 2012

>I personally think that 8 days is a much better balance for this.  The
> Monday morning after the next weekend following the contest.  I often end 
> up
> travelling for business right after these contests because I purposely 
> avoid
> doing so the week before.  Its burdensome to deal with submission before 
> the
> next weekend.

I sure agree with that.

We have deadlines at the front to get ready, and weekend restrictions. With 
new close deadlines added to the end, it just extends the weekend even more. 
For people who have nothing else to do, that's fine.

If the notion is this somehow would reduce log massaging, we all know that 
won't happen. The only possible way to change log massaging is the use of 
live logs, or require submission within minutes of the last contact.

Anything that can be cross-checked in 30 days can be cross-checked in 30 

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