[CQ-Contest] Log submission time

Tom W8JI w8ji at w8ji.com
Thu Jul 26 08:40:41 PDT 2012

> It may be counter-productive to try, on the one hand, to urge people to 
> submit logs no matter how "serious" the operator was, and then on the 
> other hand dismiss those that don't do so as not mattering "all that 
> much."
> If it doesn't matter "all that much" whether or not the small logs are 
> submitted, then, why would they bother at all?

Sarcasm does not come off well in written text. I was being sarcastic.

My guess or assumption (which is all most of this is, lacking full 
statistics) is those who are accustomed to creating files and submitting 
them, and are gung ho anyway, will be largely unaffected by a short 

An excessively short submission time period will most likely decrease 
submissions from people who are casual entrants.

I'm not actually sure what the goal of the short submission time is. I 
missed it.

73 Tom

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