[CQ-Contest] Bad Format Logs

Bob Naumann W5OV at W5OV.COM
Sat Jul 28 05:30:45 PDT 2012

I often find myself in this same position - that is, to see something from
the complete opposite perspective.

In this case, the biggest, most popular, and (I think) longest running ham
radio contest in the world has established the precedent that all contacts
made in a contest with one callsign should be in one log file and the system
adjudicating the contest should be smart enough to only count those contacts
within that log file for the category being entered.

So, instead of looking to change the CQ or ARRL Robots to allow for more
than one log file in the system with the same callsign (which is a database
integrity violation) these other un-named contests should instead modernize
their log processing systems and catch up to the way CQWW has been doing it
for years.

Bob W5OV
(my personal opinion)

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The CQ Committee might want to consider that there are other contests in 
the world that REQUIRE that a log contain only QSOs for the category 
elected or it will be reclassified according to what is actually in the 
log.  I read that in one contest rules in the past few weeks.  That 
contest said to put other QSOs made on other bands/modes into a separate 
log and send it in as a Check Log.  I'm not sure how I could do that 
easily, but Mario seems to know how.

It would be better if the Robot could be made to accept a separate Check 
Log without overwriting or deleting the previously submitted log if it 
was clearly marked "Check Log" in the Category section since other 
contest sponsors have accustomed contesters in other countries to do 
that very thing.

Sorry I can't remember what contest it was right now, but it did 
surprise me since it is contrary to what we have generally been doing 
and requiring in the US.

73, John, K4BAI.
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