[CQ-Contest] Do I need to operate assisted to figure out the calls?

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Mon Jul 30 10:08:06 PDT 2012

Specifically, what is the intention of rule #3? What is the "spirit of 

If you want to get serious, rule 3# should be:

"Breaking other rules will automatically reclassify your entry as a 
check log." Period.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

On 7/30/2012 10:48 AM, Mats Strandberg wrote:
> Paul,
> Many times I thought there is a golden average between YOUR view and the
> view of "the opposition"...
> However, I begin to agree that you become more and more correct.
> Internet-supported contesting in ANY form is a clear deviation from the
> classic contesting.
> I tend to think, the only way is to create a parallel worldwide contest to
> CQWW. It does not mean that I will boycott CQWW, because I really love this
> contest since the past 30 years...
> However, I wish to create a True Classic Contest, where:
> 1. No internet (DX Cluster, Skimmer, whatever) is allowed
> 2. Power cheating is 100% DQ reason and against the conscious of the
> participant
> 3. Breaking other rules is contradictory to the spirit of participation.
> The new contest might be forever SMALLER than any of the major events, BUT
> participants will be proud of their achievement and by NOT touching the
> borderline between allowed and not allowed.
> Anyone to share my views and to be part of the creation of Gentlemens'
> Contest Club and Gentlemens' Worldwide Contest?
> 73 de RM2D (ex RA/SM6LRR), Mats
> 2012/7/30 Paul O'Kane <pokane at ei5di.com>
>> On 29/07/2012 17:43, Mats Strandberg wrote:
>>> During the IOTA Contest I realized that some stations have become so
>>> self-assured that everyone checks the cluster, so the need to ID after
>>> contacts has become useless.
>> This issue applies to all major contests, not
>> just IOTA.  If the stations concerned know that
>> most other stations know their callsign from the
>> internet, they have no need to identify unless
>> they run out of callers.
>> After all, there is no rule saying you must
>> identify after every QSO, or after every 10
>> QSOs.  No rule has been broken, so everything
>> must be OK.
>> Perhaps a new rule is needed.
>> It seems to me, however, that non-identification
>> is a natural and legitimate consequence of permitting
>> the use of non-amateur communications technologies
>> in amateur radio contests.
>> 73,
>> Paul EI5DI
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