[CQ-Contest] Band Category Log Submissions

Marijan Miletic, S56A s56a at bit.si
Mon Jul 30 12:27:54 PDT 2012

Thanks for NA VE support, Judge K4BAI!  CQ WW is historically not the best
example of modern log checking, Bob W5OV.  I actually tried to help them by
sending separate checklog as I know that makes life much easier for
cross-checking robots/parsers.  


I just re-edited IV3CTS/p IOTA log produced by N1MM Logger as it doesn't
comply with RSGB (EI5DI?) rules.  The main advantage of Cabrillo format is
plain vanilla text.  I even survived this weekend without internet patiently
waiting for stations ID.  Fortunately we had few pile-ups with 100W and
windom so I was also delaying my ID if I sensed more than one caller.
Occassionally 73EE for old friends followed by CQ if no callers appeared.




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