[CQ-Contest] Cut numbers, plain and simple.

Tõnno Vähk tonno.vahk at gafm.ee
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We at ES9C use ENN and T and N. And I very much appreciate others doing
the same. ENN just plain saves time and causes no problem. And time is an
essence when operating with 4-5 interlocked stations where every
transmission has to be optimized and every reception needs to be filled
with the right information. In the multi op environment working S&P on the
same band you have interference from RUN station. On some bands enough to
cover the guy you are trying to work. The last thing you want is to have
him sent 599 00 after your NR? Because at that moment the RUN station
resumes his TX and the window is gone. He could have sent his ENN N two
times in this window!

T and N are of course saving critical amount of time but even more
importantly they make coping serial numbers inside QRM MUCH easier!
Imagine ----krhk ..... khrkr----. You have no idea if it was 951 or 050.
N5T is clear because even without hearing the signs you know the number
almost by the lenght!! But usually you hear enough to be sure. And if
repeat is needed the time is consideraby shortened. Having
dah-dah-dah-dah-something sent to you is an extremely frustrating moment.


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Cut numbers?

We don't like them and we don't use them.
We appreciate it when others don't use them.
We DO appreciate the deletion of leading zeros.

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