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Maarten van Rossum pd2r.maarten at gmail.com
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As far as I know it is common practice for contest sponsors to mark a
contact as "Unique" if the contact only appears in your log and the other
opp didn't send in his log (wich is to be expected since you apperently are
the only one who worked him).

A lot of amateurs don't do contesting because a lot of them think that they
need to send their log's to the sponsor. They feel that it's to much
trouble (which it isn't) and don't want to do that. I always tell them that
they don't have to send in their log's as long as they make a couple (5 or
more) QSO's so that their call won't be marked as "Unique" in the other
operators log.

You say that you don't want to see it happen again. This makes me think I
may have misunderstood you question. If you worked a station and you are
the only one who worked him during that contest. If that station doens't
submit his log, you will loose that contact and there is nothing you can do
about it. It's not you fauld so your can't stop if from happening again.

During the PACC (Dutch contest) a lot of the bigger Dutch stations get a
lot of "001" reports from DX stations. A lot of those contacts will score 0
points because they appear only in the big guns logs and the other
operators didn't submit their logs. Some of those big guns even recorded
the entire contest so that they could prove the contest sponsor that they
really made those "001" QSO's. Unfortunately the contest sponsor is not
willing to make any exceptions. They feel everyone gets penalized equally
so it should not be an issue. Unfortunately this is not correct. The bigger
stations will log a lot more "001" QSO's then the litlle pistols.
Furhtermore, operators who spend a lot of time hunting for mults get a lot
more "001" reports as well and therefore get penalized more. Tough luck.

I hope this answers your question. If it doesn't then I may have
misunderstood your question all together and I apologize for the bandwith.

73, Maarten PD2R/PI4DX

Op maandag 25 juni 2012 schreef Phillip Conza
(zl2tze at yahoo.com.au<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml',
'zl2tze at yahoo.com.au');>)
het volgende:

> Gentlemen,
>                      Your opinions or ideas etc on this please.
> A local contester had a contact removed because of :
> .Last year an OP  worked a LU station but it was disallowed because he was
> the only one who worked him, and 4 others had to work it before it was
> allowed as a multiplier. Nothing in the rules about that - apparently it's
> accepted international practice.
> I am not on a witch hunt I have read the rules covering this contest and I
> have read the ARRL DX rules which I take qualify as a body who would use "
> accepted international practice " yet I can't find any reference to this
> ..Is there such or is this pie in the sky ?
> Please gentleman your input.. or a pointer to this  " accepted
> international practice "
> Just don't want to see it happen again ..
> 73 Phillip
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73, Maarten PD2R

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