[CQ-Contest] Topic for NCJ column

Gary Sutcliffe w9xt at unifiedmicro.com
Fri Mar 9 04:27:40 PST 2012

Hi all

I am looking for input for my next Contest Tips, Tricks & Techniques column 
in the next NCJ.  The topic is;

Do you specialize in specific types of contests by (band, mode, DX, 
domestic, QSO parties, etc.)?
What do you like about these types of contests? Have you changed 
specializations over time? How many of these contests do you operate each 
year? How many of the other contests do you operate?   Do you specialize in 
some contests because your station is more suited for them or do you build 
your station to be competitive in the contests you prefer?  What have you 
done to optimize your station to your specialty?

Please reply by Monday evening, March 23.

Please reply directly and be sure your call sign is included. Thanks again 
for your continued support!

Gary Sutcliffe  W9XT

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