[CQ-Contest] FW: CQ IR Contest - using WriteLog

Barry Merrill, W5GN w5gn at mxg.com
Fri Mar 9 09:31:07 PST 2012

Earlier this week, I asked support at writelog.com if they would
be able to provide an update to WriteLog to support the
CQIR (CQ Ireland) contest to be held starting at 1200GMT on
St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2012 thru 1159GMT on Mar 18, 2012.

So far, no reply has been received.

But, you can use WriteLog for that contest, if that is your
only logging program:

a. Use the Field Day Contest module. 
   It works because it does NOT validate anything, so you can
   enter the Irish County, or the Russian District (because the
   Russian contest overlaps the CQIR, Russians will be sending
   their district, "Irish" will be sending their County), and
   you need a module that permits mixed mode as well as CW or SSB.

b. Use CALL for the Callsign.

c. Use RCV for the Serial Number you receive; all stations will
   send a serial number.  The RCV field allows three digits;
   if you work a station sending a higher serial number, 
   enter Annn for 10nn, enter Bnnn for 11nn, etc, up to Znnn for 26nn.
   Write a note for any serial larger than 2699 you get sent
   (and compliment that station!).

d. Use QTH for the Irish County when you work an "Irish"
   station, or use QTH for the Russian District if you
   work a Russian Station in their Russian Contest, or
   just enter the contact without a QTH when you log 
   a "World" station that only sends a serial number.

WriteLog won't be able to score the contest for you, nor
will it validate that you spelled the Irish County
abbreviation correctly, nor will it keep track of which 
counties you have or have not worked, but at least you
can use your WriteLog program to make contacts in CQIR,
without having to learn a new logging program.

The Field Day module will NOT create a Cabrillo file,
BUT, WriteLog will create a text "Log File" with your contacts.
The "Cabrillo" option is greyed out in the Field Day module.
Instead, under the "Contest" pulldown, select "Save as ARRL FORMAT" 
to create your CQIR log as a text log file.

HOWEVER, that "ARRL FORMAT" text file is NOT in the correct
Cabrillo File format that is required for CQIR, but it DOES
have all of the received information from the stations you

 To submit your log, you now have two choices:

  a. If you are a 'power' user of a text EDITOR program,
     you should be able to EDIT and re-format the Field Day
     format text file into the required Cabrillo format.
     You will need to add your sent information (RS or RST,
     depending on mode of the contact, Irish County, or 
     your Russian District.

   The CQIR Cabrillo format is described in the contest rules, at



  B. Send me that Field Day format text log file, and I will be
     happy to programmatically reformat that text file into
     the required Cabrillo format, and will also submit your log
     for you, sending back a copy of the submission (unless you
     want to submit it yourself).
     Please include your "Irish" county or Russian District,
     if you sent one.


Barry, EI/W5GN 

P.S. If you DO want to learn a new logging program that
     supports the CQIR contest, these two FREE programs
     are available that DO support the CQIR contest:

      SD,  at    http://www.EI5DI.com 
      N1MM at    http://www.n1mm.com, in the UDC downloads.

P.P.S.  Please, ALWAYS submit your log for ANY contest, even
        if you only work a few stations.  If you don't send
        in your log, a station you worked who mis-copied your
        exchange will get an undeserved credit for that broken
        contact, and the wrong station might win the contest.
        You can ALWAYS submit your log as a CHECKLOG and your
        log won't be scored (nor will your log be public in
        most contests that publish the logs), but your contacts
        will be used to validate other station's accuracy.

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