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Joe nss at mwt.net
Mon Mar 12 07:00:53 PDT 2012

I was surprised to have worked a ND in the Wisconsin QSO party 
yesterday! K0RJ. Indeed a rare bunch of fellas! I almost had a clean 
sweep of states only missing a few,WY,(of course) NM, SD and KY? KY? 
yeah. UG! From Wisconsin on 40 is usually a pipeline into OH and KY, but 
never got one.


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> Stiles is right...it *is* a nice place to raise a family and even better
> for contesting. Yeah,the winters can be brutal but I regret having moved
> from there in the mid-1980's, after 8 years in Bismarck. It was fun
> running into the Governor of the state window shopping downtown...there
> aren't many places where that happens!
> Our son (K7DAE) is now a permanent resident of Canada, in Winnipeg, so
> we may have to move back to be closer to his home. :>)

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