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*Here's the last notice I sent out to In State folks.
How do I get to outside the state folks to keep them updated?*

*Norm, wa4zxv*

*Join the Fun*

Georgia QSO Party April 14 & 15, 2012

We have added a tool to spot for the Georgia QSO Party.  We hope that 
many of you will find it useful.  Self-spotting is the point.  If you 
have internet access at your operating position and someone to help fill 
in the spots, please let us know where you are.  We also have a 
GeorgiaQSOParty group on Facebook if that fits you better.  The spotting 
site is *http://tinyurl.com/gqpspots


The QSO Party isn't far away, just a couple weeks.  We have reported 
coverage for most counties, but there are still some up in the air.  If 
you know of someone planning to work one of the empty counties, let me 
know.  The most recent map is at 

If you would like for me to post your plans, just send me a short note 
and I'll add them to the page with coverage notes. 

Several clubs or organized groups are planning events.  I'd like to 
publish your group's plans.  What a great way to show new hams how 
contesting works and do some preliminary Field Day training.  Just send 
a note :norman at schklar.com <mailto:norman at schklar.com>

And we have a page where we are listing counties and the callsign which 
is planned to be used.  Remember, these are plans and most anything can 
go wrong.  So we need everyone to activate as many counties as possible. 

If I put together the list correctly, we still have these counties not 
spoken for.  Baker, Berrien, Burke, Charlton, Clay, Clayton, Cook, 
Decatur, Elbert, Fayette, Heard, Jasper, Jenkins, Lee, Liberty, Long, 
Madison, McDuffie, McIntosh, Mitchell, Newton, Oconee, Seminole, 
Taliaferro, Terrell, Wilkes.  The map with the counties active shown is 

If I've left you out, or you haven't yet reported your plans, just send 
me a note. norman at schklar.com <mailto:norman at schklar.com>

*_AND please send your logs_* to logs at georgiaqsoparty.org 
<mailto:logs at georgiaqsoparty.org> or norman at schklar.com 
<mailto:norman at schklar.com>

Thanks everyone and hope to work you from Greene County, N4E.
*/Please share this information with your group/*.

Norm Schklar, WA4ZXV
Georgia QSO Party Coordinator www.GeorgiaQSOParty.org 
norman at schklar.com <mailto:norman at schklar.com> NoGaQRPnorman at schklar.com 
<mailto:norman at schklar.com>

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