[CQ-Contest] KL7 is country and state?

Joe nss at mwt.net
Thu Nov 1 08:01:58 EDT 2012

I agree on the KL7 in the 48 should have a call that reflects it's DXCC 
country.  I hated when the FCC changed the rules even about districts. 
If I WB9SBD had moved to Minnesota, in the past if available I would end 
up being WB0SBD and if not available some other zero call sign.

I hate it now that a 9 lander can be in florida, or california or any 
other place for that matter even Alaska.

That sucks to me.

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On 10/31/2012 10:28 PM, Charles Harpole wrote:
> When is a country also a state?... in KL7.  A guy with a KL7 call sign can
> move to Kansas and legally use that call sign there, his being in America
> in both instances.  However, due to backward DXCC admin, when does he count
> as Alaska, and as an entity?  When Alaska became a state, it should have
> lost its DXCC entity status.  OR, make all KL7s get a lower 48 call sign to
> live in the lower 48.
> Same problem if KP4 became a US state...........  Hey change is a
> constant.  Ch
> On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 4:57 AM, Randy Thompson K5ZD <k5zd at charter.net>wrote:
>> This question has come up several times so I will answer it here.
>> You should log the call sign as sent.
>> The log checking software will handle placing the call in the right country
>> (or judging if the call sign is not correct).
>> True, your logging software doesn't seem to count your score correctly, but
>> that is not a factor for the contest committee since the Cabrillo format
>> doesn't mark multipliers.  As mentioned above, we will recalculate the
>> score
>> of all logs submitted.
>> As I said in the webinar.  Put your log in Cabrillo format and send it in.
>> Randy Thompson, K5ZD
>> Director - CQ WW DX Contest
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>> web: www.cqww.com
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>>> Hi all,
>>> hi contest committee , Randy,
>>> sorry if this has been asked before.
>>> I worked KL7HM who is in Arizona, zone 3.
>>> He was sending out "KL7HM" as callsign, and Win-Test recorded this as
>>> Alaska, with a probable mistake on the zone side.
>>> Am I allowed to put him in the log as KL7HM/K7?
>>> Or would that eliminate the validity of the QSO or make it unique?
>>> Thanks
>>> Frank
>>> DL2CC
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