[CQ-Contest] KL7 is country and state?

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Thu Nov 1 08:18:23 EDT 2012

C'mon Charles, you know the answer to this one.
Alaska and Hawaii have separate entity status because they are not part of the contguous United States. Alaska is separated by Canada. Hawaii is separated by a heck of a lot of miles of the Pacific Ocean.
How that is "backwards" is a question that makes no sense.
So when do you know when a KL ham... you do know that they're not all KL7's anymore, right? And that they're also AL, NL, and WL hams as well, right?... counts as the Alaska entity? When he or she is operating from Alaska. So when do you know when they're operating from Alaska? Most tell you when they're not, or you have to look up the address. Same goes for other US hams originally licensed in the Pacific and Caribbean areas.
So there's no "problem." You just have to pay attention to the little details.
And there's no point in griping about "making" all KL7 (etc etc etc) hams changing calls if/when they relocate to one of the 48 states... or to anywhere outside of Alaska. The FCC has made it very clear, since the current call sign assignment system was put in place in March 1978, that as long as you keep an accurate mailing address on file, they don't care. Surely you've been a ham long enough to realize this! If you don't like it, you're welcome to petition for an NPRM and get it changed. Good luck tilting at that windmill...
73, ron w3wn

On 11/01/12, Charles Harpole wrote:

When is a country also a state?... in KL7. A guy with a KL7 call sign can
move to Kansas and legally use that call sign there, his being in America
in both instances. However, due to backward DXCC admin, when does he count
as Alaska, and as an entity? When Alaska became a state, it should have
lost its DXCC entity status. OR, make all KL7s get a lower 48 call sign to
live in the lower 48.
Same problem if KP4 became a US state........... Hey change is a
constant. Ch

On Thu, Nov 1, 2012 at 4:57 AM, Randy Thompson K5ZD <k5zd at charter.net>wrote:

> This question has come up several times so I will answer it here.
> You should log the call sign as sent.
> The log checking software will handle placing the call in the right country
> (or judging if the call sign is not correct).
> True, your logging software doesn't seem to count your score correctly, but
> that is not a factor for the contest committee since the Cabrillo format
> doesn't mark multipliers. As mentioned above, we will recalculate the
> score
> of all logs submitted.
> As I said in the webinar. Put your log in Cabrillo format and send it in.
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> > Hi all,
> > hi contest committee , Randy,
> >
> > sorry if this has been asked before.
> >
> > I worked KL7HM who is in Arizona, zone 3.
> > He was sending out "KL7HM" as callsign, and Win-Test recorded this as
> > Alaska, with a probable mistake on the zone side.
> >
> > Am I allowed to put him in the log as KL7HM/K7?
> > Or would that eliminate the validity of the QSO or make it unique?
> >
> > Thanks
> > Frank
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