[CQ-Contest] Why is he ashamed of his call???

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I'd go several steps further, Doug.  Personally, I believe the Contest
Committee should mandate that every station be required to give his call
after every QSO.  Today, I figure I totalled 30 minutes (perhaps more)
waiting for guys to give their calls.  So it will cost a total of 10
minutes or whatever and scores will be down slightly.  But it sure 

I don't operate with any assistance and I've got to say it is particularly
annoying to sit and listen to 10 or 20 QSOs before the other guy gives his

I won't bother to name names here but I do have a list of offenders.



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Can't figure it out.

- His fist (OK, his computer's fist :) ) is good.
- His signal is strong but perfectly clean.
- He's not trying to run anyone off their run frequency.
- He seems to copy the callers just fine.

So why is he so ashamed of his call?

I just worked one Zone 33 station for the THIRD TIME on 10 meters.  Because
he goes TWO TO THREE MINUTES between IDs.

Rules suggestion for the 2013 WW:
- Each S&P QSO counts 15% extra -- 1.15 points for own continent (unless NA
in which case 2.30 points), 3.45 points for other continent.
   (those wishing to claim the 15% must submit a log with exact frequencies
in the Cabrillo file, so the committee can identify which QSOs were S&P.)

That may more or less make up for the time S&P operators waste waiting for
some of these guys to ID.

(am I serious or not?  Take your pick..)


Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View, TN  EM66

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