[CQ-Contest] apres moi le ZERO, in English

Charles Harpole hs0zcw at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 22:14:02 EST 2012

I am a S&Per.  I can stand in this CW Contest assemblage and admit it.  I
am not proud of it, but I know with some many step process, I can't live
with it.

So I want all you big gun Runners, often on several bands at once, beaming
several KW in at least two directions, to hear this.....

Apres moi le ZERO, After me, or WITHOUT ME, YOU HAVE NO CONTEST.

Big gun Runners never tune around, so IF I did not come to them, they would
have many more empty CQs than even today.  In fact, no contacts at all.

I am the one who tunes around, eschewing (and cursing) skimmers and
spotters, the one who waits many minutes for you Runner to I.D., the one
who sticks with your CQs only to realize that you are working on a
different band and what I am listening to is only you 'holding your place'
and not listening to callers (often my call sign is longer than your
listening time), and the one who calls you at your sending speed only to
discover that YOU can not copy at your sending speed, so I send again more
s l o w l y.

These are the things I do for you and sometimes get a TU back.

Why do I do it?  I could say that I am a 20WPM guy and can not myself Run
because people call me at 30 or 40WPM, which is true.  I have all the DX I
need, so I do not need your entity, Mr. Runner.  The answer is I work 40 or
50 of you big gun Runners, get enuf of it, and go to the Internet instead.
Your loss, Mr. Runner.

So, A PROPOSAL:  All hams, do not S&P;  if you can not Run, just go to a
WARC band for fun, but listen some time to the contest bands full of empty
CQs and smile.

Charly, HS0ZCW

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