[CQ-Contest] Why is he ashamed...my opinion

Doug Renwick ve5ra at sasktel.net
Tue Nov 27 16:40:16 EST 2012

If he IDs at say 50 wpm, what percentage can accurately copy the callsign?


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I don't normally weigh in on these threads...in fact I usually just hit the
delete button.? But this particular thread does strike a chord with me.? It
has been a long time since I played in a DX contest, primarily because it is
difficult to generate a great score in a DX contest from the left coast with
a very modest set-up from a city lot....but also because contesting is
supposed to be FUN.? It isn't fun when someone treats you rudely, e.g., does
not respect your time by not identifying frequently.? There are just too
many stations that identify too infrequently.? I understand the concept of
saving nanoseconds when you?are trying to manage?a pile-up, but that doesn't
justify?unseeming behavior.? If you can't handle the pile-up, then be a S &
P'er.? When I participate in domestic contests, I strive to identify after
EVERY contact.? When I am on a DXpedition, I strive to identify after EVERY
contact.? If your callsign is too long, then apply for a special call;
otherwise, do
  the polite thing and identify frequently.? No excuses!? I really believe
that the contest sponsors should change the exchange and incorporate the
callsign of the stations in the exchange, e.g., JA**** 5nn N6HC 03.? If each
station does not identify on each end, it should be grounds for a DQ.?We ID
in sprints and in SS.? It is not a new concept.? The CQWW is primarily a
callsign copying event; most players already know the zone by the callsign.?
It is almost superfluous to even send it!? ?Some may discount my opinion
because I'm not a serious contester.? Fair enough...please just consider my
opinion. I try not to criticize without offering a solution.
73, Arnie N6HC

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