[CQ-Contest] Mulan DXC Worked All Chinese Provinces Contest 2012 Oct. 6, from 0000-2359 UTC.

Scott Monks cq_dx_de_aa0aa at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 4 00:08:25 EDT 2012

Working China?
Well, I am a relative novice to DXing with a temporary antenna in a poor location (mountains all around) and only 100 watts (which mostly heat the mountains, I imagine!), but 01 Oct I worked BD4FM on 28012.1, CW.  The signal was weak but steady and I just picked it out of the band while no one else was calling them--afterward things got busier for them!  

The station is listed as using LoTW and eQSL, but I thought "sure!--doubt it!" and didn't hope for much, but miracle of miracles--just to make me out as of little faith!--tonight I have their confirmation on LoTW!!!
I live in Hidalgo, Mexico, 70 mi north of Mexico City about lined up with Dallas, Texas, and in such a bad area that I am sure if _I_ can work them, EVERYONE can!  

I also worked BX4AG (from Taiwan) just 10 minutes before, but they don't list any QSL info so I suppose by Bureau.

Anyway, to the subject--I hope to find info on the contest because I want to get in on it now that I know I can at least work a few stations!

73 and good luck,
Scott  XE1/AA0AA; AA0AA

>Chinese ops are on almost 24/7 on freq of 14.270 plus or minus 10kc.  If
>you can not hear any China in that freq range, likely that time of
>day/night is not good for that path.  Their frequent operations are like a
>beacon in that they are on the air so much, but mostly at that spot on the
>> How easy is it to work China from the United States?   I remember working
>> BV1US (in Taiwan) from Denver back in the 50's, with 500 watts AM, and a
>> W8JK beam but haven't been a serious DXer since then.

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