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About a year ago last August, I ordered a K-5 keyer from Idiom Press. I too received a very nice and prompt email thanking me for my business. I don't recall exactly when I got my keyer, but it was at least a month and a half after I had ordered it. Contacting the company was a HUGE problem - call after call after call with no answer or email as to where my keyer was. Eventually I had to open up a Skype account to call the company - that was the winner. A year later, I am pleased with my keyer, but I wouldn't order anything from Idiom that I didn't need a couple months out. 


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    In July of this year I ordered some stuff from Idiom Press.  I got it promptly, followed by an email from either Bob, W9KNI, or his son thanking me for the order and asking if everything was OK (it was).

    I'm looking at the email receipt:  the website is www.idiompress.com (I'm sure you know that).  The phone number listed is 1-541-956-1297.

    I've known Bob for a lot of years and I'm sure he'd be distressed to learn that you're having problems.  Here's the email address I have used to communicate with Bob:  bob at thelochers.net

    Good luck--and fie-fi-fo-fum

    73,  Kip W6SZN

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A couple of years ago I ran into a similar problem. I sent him a rotator 
controller to repair. I didn't hear from him for months and I couldn't reach 
him by phone, fax or email. Eventually, I found he was posting to TowerTalk 
so I asked him why he was answering me. He replied he was too busy 
developing a new product to answer. Ever since the son has taken over the 
business things have been going down hill for Idiom Press. Good luck 
contacting the company

Syl - VE5ZX

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Does anyone know the secret password to contact Idiom Press?

I want to spend some money on CONTESTING equipment from them, but can’t 
raise them on email or published phone numbers.  Quick, before K0CKB 
rescinds my spending permit.

73, de Hans, K0HB
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